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Serving the equestrian community since 1982, FCP designs and builds more than just horse barns – we build homes for horses. Our mission is to provide security and comfort for your horses with well-planned and unmatched structural horse barn designs. The broadest selection of barn options and continuous innovation allow FCP to be objective in helping you design the perfect barn that will be a reflection of your individual style and needs. Modular horse barns can offer much more than plain metal barns. Whether you need a simple shelter or a large, fully equipped custom equestrian center, look beyond the typical pole barn plans and let FCP create a truly special home for your horses.


Your horses deserve a good home and a sturdy roof above their heads. Horse barns need to be designed to make them the perfect equestrian homes. Your animals deserve to be sheltered, comfortable and safe; they deserve the best that you can provide.

At FCP Barns and Buildings we offer our clients barns that are truly a cut above the rest. We believe in providing our equestrian loving customers with horse barns that are of the highest possible quality while staying within a budget. FCP modular barns provide an innovative design that is superior to a pole barn. Horses dish out tremendous punishment and FCP barns are designed to withstand generations of punishment.

We offer barns that cover all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple shelter or a barn kit with all the extra accessories available, FCP Barns and Buildings has it all. We’re committed to the comfort of your animals and we’re even more committed to offering you the highest level of customer satisfaction.

When you order a barn kit from FCP Barns and Buildings you can rest assured that you’re getting the type of fantastic quality you would never have expected in your wildest dreams. Horses tend to get excitable and they often manage to do some serious damage to the metal walls and doors of corrals and barns. Our structures are designed to withstand even the strongest horse’s kick and are guaranteed to last.

Our horse barns are also more attractively designed than normal pole barns and offer better durability due to the strength of our welding process. At FCP Barns and Buildings we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive the quality they deserve.

For over 30 years we have provided customers with the best quality horse barns around. We’ll make sure to provide YOU with the same quality products and services and hope to see you on our long list of satisfied clients. We believe in our ability to construct high-quality barns to fulfill every customer’s needs and hope that you will believe it too.