About FCP Barns and Buildings

The FCP Barns team has over 34 years’ experience in supplying the finest quality products at competitive prices by being an innovator in design, technology, product manufacturing and professional support. FCP has the reputation of continuously setting the industry standard for Equine Housing (e.g. horse barns and corrals), Metal Buildings (e.g. metal barns among other metal structures) and Mezzanines.

Since 1982, our mission has been to build high quality and aesthetically pleasing barns and buildings. We know that you want a safe and comfortable haven for your horses with options to reflect your personal style and needs. We can help you create this by providing a vast selection of choices and continuous innovations that help you reflect your unique style and requirements.  Custom barns are our specialty, whether you need a small backyard barn or a large, fully equipped custom equestrian center, our expert design team is here to help your idea become your reality.

Why Choose FCP Barns & Buildings..?

Our barns are manufactured in America using American made materials and labor. Using the highest grade materials in the industry, our barns and buildings are fire-resistant, kick-proof, chew-proof and low-maintenance allowing you more time with the ones you love. Knowing that horses can dish out tremendous punishment to the walls and doors of barns and corrals on a daily basis, we keep safety as our top priority.

We promise to provide you the highest quality product while staying within a budget. Given the opportunity to build your barn or building, your name will be added to our long list of satisfied customers.

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