The FCP Advantage

Horses can dish out tremendous punishment to the walls and doors of barns and corrals on a daily basis. FCP metal structures are manufactured using the highest grade materials in the industry, designed to withstand the punishment and more. Not only is solid construction a given, our equine structures are also attractive, functional and low maintenance, going beyond what the usual barn design can offer.

We invite you to compare the features below with any other metal structures and steel barn manufacturer.


Channel width is a full 2″ minimum • 14 gauge G-90 galvanized • Bottom channel G-180 heavy galvanized • ¾” Minimum thickness exterior grade plywood core • Lifetime kick-thru warranty


Allied “Gatorshield” tubing • 16 gauge minimum 1-5/8″ vertical or 1-7/8″ horizontal with full circle welds • Heavy duty bottom door guides • Feed door hinges – Heavy duty and welded in place • Self-cleaning, round profile door track and rollers • Intuitive latching – simple and reliable


26 Gauge textured painted metal – 13 colors • T1-11 wood siding – Grade stamped premium fir 8″ O.C. • Spruce T&G Stucco, textured pre-primed Cement / Fiber Board (Hardi-Panel or equiv) • T1-11 textured pre-primed Cement / Fiber Board (Hardi-Panel or equiv) • Insulated with variety of siding choices


26 gauge textured painted metal or smooth Zincalume


Fully welded multi-channel assembly with square tubing core • 3” x 3” or  4” x 4” heavy gauge porch columns


Entry door – Choice of solid core fiberglass 6 panel with lock set or oversize steel door option • Windows – Dual pane with or w/o grid • Complete line of heavy duty tack accessories • Choice of drop ceilings – Heavy beams with T1-11 or Spruce T&G


26 Gauge Hi-Rib or “R” style panel steel roofing – Choice of colors (30 year warranty) • Spanish S-Tile metal roofing option • Wood fascia, T&G decking, and Plywood decking options • Decorative and functional rain gutters on all eaves • Trim on gable ends


Full height web trusses or box rafters with oversized Cee purlins • Choice of solid and painted steel siding gable ends


Metal Structures Made With Steel That Outperforms and Outlasts

FCP is the exclusive barn supplier to offer Allied Gatorshield steel products. Steel barn products should last a lifetime. But if thin-gauge steel that has only been lightly galvanized on the exterior is used, the product will rust, bend, and generally not withstand the rigors of your horse. FCP exclusively uses Allied’s Gatorshield tube. Gatorshield is Allied’s patented triple layer Flo-Coat® rust and corrosion resistant product protection that has demonstrated to be the best over the long haul versus all other offerings. When rust and corrosion protection is needed – Gatorshield is “Gator Tough.” In addition, Allied’s zinc interior coating provides the inside of the tube with maximum corrosion and rust protection. Inside and out – Gatorshield provides a thicker layer of zinc for added protection and extended longevity in the highly corrosive environment typical of barns. Gatorshield is processed utilizing 99.99% pure zinc alloy with significantly less harmful lead content than generally encountered with pregalvanized or hot-dipped products. Gatorshield meets a minimum strength characteristic of 50,000 yield/55,000 tensile, reaching a maximum of 60,000 yield/75,000 tensile.

FCP Credentials Certify the Quality You Will Receive

Licensed, Bonded, Fabricator’s License, ICC#, AISI Testing

FCP is a licensed contractor: CA License #847398 B General Building Contractor and C51 Steel Structural.

Hiring a licensed contractor can give you peace of mind and protect you from tremendous financial liability. Unlicensed contractors pose a risk to your financial security because they expose you to significant financial harm in the event of injury or property damage. Few unlicensed contractors have bonding or workers’ compensation insurance. If you contract with someone who does not have a license, the Contractors Board may not be able to assist you with a resolution to a complaint, and a remedy against an unlicensed contractor may be available only in civil court. This is one more good reason to work only with licensed contractors! Another consideration is that unlicensed contractors may not have the expertise and qualifications to do the job right the first time. You could end up having to hire a licensed, reputable contractor to correct the work, paying for the job twice.

FCP Bond #8004302 with HCC Surety Group

All contractors are required to have a contractor’s license bond of $12,500. Bonding companies will not take a risk without verifying the technical and resource capabilities of the contractor. For a contracting business to qualify for bonding, it must practice sound business techniques. Institutional lenders such as savings and loans, insurance companies or commercial banks generally require contractors to secure bonds for large jobs.

Fabricators License

Various municipalities require manufactures to obtain a Fabricators License. While each license can have different procedures, generally each requires rigorous inspection of raw materials, production techniques, procedures, quality and finished product testing in order to assure products meet stringent specifications. Only established manufacturers that have a history of producing quality products with professional standards are able to obtain and maintain a Fabricators License.

ICC #PFC-5521

FCP walls are ICC tested for structural integrity (#PFC-5521). An ICC number and corresponding report provides solid evidence that the product meets code requirements. The report is then available for reference by thousands of building departments, as well as other construction-industry professions, free of charge, via the internet. This can make your permit process quicker and simpler. Obtaining an ICC number requires a manufacturer to hire an independent testing organization to perform technical evaluations of building products, components, methods and materials. Only quality manufacturers like FCP are going to be able to pass this type of rigid requirement.

IBC and CBC International Building Code and California Building Code

FCP ConnectRite™ system is included in the IBC and CBC.  ConnectRite is approved for use in all seismic zones, but excels in areas with tough seismic requirements.  No other connection for joining cold-formed steel elements in a moment frame is included in the building code.  The process for ConnectRite to be included in the IBC and CBC took over a decade and required extensive testing.

IBC and CBC International Building Code and California Building Code

FCP ConnectRite™ system is included in the IBC and CBC. ConnectRite is approved for use in all seismic zones, but excels in areas with tough seismic requirements. No other connection for joining cold-formed steel elements in a moment frame is included in the building code. The process for ConnectRite to be included in the IBC and CBC took over a decade and required extensive testing.

AISI Testing

FCP is the only manufacturer in our industry that has an AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) tested system that utilizes cold formed structural shapes that are approved for use in seismically active areas. A system that has been put through actual rigorous physical testing is far superior to one that is based solely on the theoretical calculations of each of the individual material components. An approval of this type is confirmation that FCP is a leader in design and engineering which allows us to build the strongest structures in the industry.

Fire Safety

FCP’s steel laminated wall panels are fire resistant, per UBC Chapter 4, as applied to building construction materials. This means the materials will not ignite and burn when subjected to fire.

Kick-Proof, Chew-Proof, Easy To Clean

low maintenanceFCP’s steel laminated wall panel systems are warrantied against kick-through for the life of the barn to the original owner. In addition, FCP’s steel laminated wall panel systems are resistant to horse chewing and are easy to clean using water and mild cleansing agents. Be sure to use cleansing agents that are proven to be safe for your horse.