Barn Roof Pitches

Roof Pitch

Roof Pitch is the term used to describe the angle or “slope” of the roof. Roof pitch can impact both the form and function of your barn. Most standard sized barns look and perform best with a 3:12 pitch. FCP is one of the few barn manufacturers that offer a 3:12 pitch roof without an upcharge.


312Part of the aesthetic beauty of a barn is the pitch of the roof. A roof with a low pitch has a flatter look on top while a higher pitched roof has a steeper look. FCP manufactures standard barns with a 3:12 pitch. That is 3 inches of rise for every 12 inches of length.

Lower pitched roofs are more appropriate when the building span is so large that a higher pitch would make the ridgeline of the roof unattractive or disproportionate to the overall building. Lower pitched roofs are also recommended where the span of the building is so small that a higher pitched roof would look unattractive or unappealing to the building.

For areas where HOA or ARC requirements mandate that the barn pitch is the same as the roof pitch of the primary residence, FCP can manufacture to these standards. Many residential homes in the southern U.S. are between 3:12 – 6:12 in pitch. FCP can match any existing structure’s roof pitch to maintain the aesthetics between buildings.


212Roof pitch can also serve an important function. Higher pitched roofs shed snow and water better than lower pitched roofs. A roofs needs to be designed and engineered for the structural loads indicated in your area; regardless of pitch.

Another function of the roof pitch is in providing adequate air flow throughout the building. Lower pitched roofs do not allow as much free air space between the walls or ceilings of the barn as higher pitched roofs. This may restrict air flow throughout the building and limit the cooling affect since hot air rises.

412Roof pitches can also limit the height of sliding breezeway doors or other barn upgrades. For example, a non-standard 10’ tall breezeway door may not slide fully open on a barn with a 2:12 roof pitch where it may on a barn with a 3:12 pitch. Likewise, a window in the center of the barn near the roofline may need to be smaller on a 2:12 pitch than it can be on a barn with a 3:12 pitch since there will be reduced space available. If you are planning additional storage space above your breezeway barn such as FCP’s Quick Loft, a higher pitched roof will allow for more storage space than a lower pitched roof. These may be important elements in the overall design and function of the barn.

512Whether your barn incorporates a 3:12 pitch as found in FCP’s standard barn designs or an alternative pitch to accommodate specific needs and requirements, FCP can manufacture barns of any pitch. Check with your FCP design consultant to determine what roof pitch is suitable for your project.

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Used to describe the angle or “slope” of the roof, roof pitch can impact both the form and function of your barn…Read More


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