Corrals, Shelters & Pens

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Mare Motels

Mare Motels feature optimal ventilation and a comfortable area for your horses. The corrals can have partial or full coverage and are available in a variety of sizes. Mare Motels can feature the classic breezeway or shedrow configuration.

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Loafing Sheds

Loafing Sheds are designed and built to protect your animals during all four seasons of the year. They provide a warm dry shelter through the fall and winter and a cool shaded retreat during the spring and summer months.

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Corrals panels come in a variety of sizes and are easily assembled. FCP uses premium galvanized materials and certified welders to fabricate the strongest and longest lasting components for corrals in the industry.

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Horse Shelters

Shelters – a place giving protection. Not all pastures have natural shade from the hot sun. FCP allows you to create protection anywhere you want it. We offers a variety of Pasture Shelters to protect your horse and feed from the sun and weather.

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Arenas & Round Pens

Arenas & Round Pens are ideal for training or exercising your horse in a controlled area. We can design the perfect round pen and offer you protection from harsh weather conditions by covering your round pen with our Round Roof Cover.

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Dog Kennels & Livestock Pens

Dog Kennels and Livestock Pens are the perfect solution to comfortably contain your family pet keeping them safe and secure from outside dangers. With optional side walls you can create a shelter that will ensure even greater protection against wind, rain and snow.

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Premium Quality with Efficient Solutions

Whether you need a 12’ x 12’ horse corral with a shelter, a round pen for training, or a mare motel for a large equestrian facility, FCP can design, build, and install the perfect structure to meet your requirements. We manufacture products with only premium quality materials and superior craftsmanship to provide you structures that will last a lifetime.

FCP exclusively uses Allied’s Gatorshield tube that has a patented triple layer FloCoat rust and corrosion protection. Gatorshield tube is coated inside and out with a thicker layer of zinc protection for extended longevity in the highly corrosive environment typical of horses. Roof panels can be added to provide protection from the weather for your horses.

Our expert design team and knowledgeable staff enable you to develop your project from a conceptual idea to a structurally sound and functional plan.