Horse Barns

Raised Center Aisle Barn

Raised Center Aisle Barns

The Raised Center Aisle (RCA) aka Monitor style barn, with its appealing roofline, is one of the most popular designs with today’s horse owners. This traditional look with superior ventilation and lighting provides a healthy environment for your horses. 

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Gable Barns

Gable Barns

The Gable barn is attractive and functional. With its classic A-framed roofline, it is a great choice for both warm and cold weather climates providing your horse’s safety and protection from all the elements.

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Shedrow Barns

Shedrow Barns

Shedrow barns offer excellent ventilation and are ideal for warm weather climates. This style can be designed as an “L” or “U” shaped, as well as a back-to-back utilizing a common wall, with a variety of overhangs offering protection from the sun and rain.

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Custom Barns

Custom Horse Barns

Some equestrian facilities require unique designs for more complex needs. We will work with you to design a custom horse barn, whether small or large, that accommodates your needs. We know what it takes to bring your vision to life and are excited to work with you from concept to completion.

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Mini Horse Barns

Mini Horse Barn

An FCP mini horse barn is the perfect solution for your smallest of barn buddies. FCP’s Mini-Ville complete lineup includes miniature horse barns, stalls, loafing sheds, pipe corrals, shelter systems and more. From pot belly pigs to miniature ponies, the versatility of FCP Mini-Ville product allows for the adaptability in accommodating all types of small livestock.

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Barn Wall Options

Barn Wall Options

You have ideas on what would make your perfect barn. At FCP, we help you bring those barn plans to life by designing all of our horse barn and storage barns as modular systems, giving you the ultimate in flexibility. You can specify just the right doors, windows, stall fronts and divider walls from a wide selection of sizes, colors and materials to bring your design to life.

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Barns – Unlimited Configurations, Unsurpassed Quality

The horse barn of your dreams….you know what it looks like. How you feel when you walk into your barn. The smell of fresh shavings in your new stalls just waiting for your horses. The tack room organized just like you like it. The best designer of your new barn is you. Let us help you shape your ideas into the barn of your dreams. Whether you desire one stall or a hundred stalls; raised center aisle, gable, shedrow or back-to-back barns, our expert design team will help you develop your ideas into reality. Constructed with attention to detail, our barns are Kick-Proof, Chew-Proof and Fire-Resistant, keeping your horses safe and comfortable.