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The Functional and Economical FCP Gable Breezeway Barn

FCP gable horse barn designs are attractive yet cost effective structures utilizing a single pitched roofline. With its timeless beauty, the gable barn roofline is attractive, functional and economical.  The gable breezeway barn is effective in both warm and cold weather climates providing your horse’s safety and comfort from all of the elements.

As an experienced barn builder; FCP conventional gable barn plans provide all the functionality of other breezeway barn configurations. Providing assured value and versatility in a prefabricated horse barn.

FCP offers countless design flexibility, exterior and interior wall and color choices and a broad selection of options. 12’ or 16’ breezeway aisles, 3/12 to 6/12 roof pitch and gable or eave porches are a few of the many choices you can make when designing your FCP gable breezeway barn.
Adding a complimentary building to your horse barn can enhance your property. FCP can design and build hay storage buildings, metal buildings, garages, or RV covers to complete all your needs.