Shedrow Barns

Shedrow Barns


Shedrow Barns – The perfect choice for space efficiency

FCP’s Shedrow barn provides the traditional gabled roofline with a generous protective overhang to the front of the structure. These barns are an excellent choice for areas with space limitations or in warmer weather conditions. The overhang comes in a variety of sizes and is ideal for optimizing your work area. Various Shedrow barn configurations such as “U”, “L” or “H” shapes as well as back-to-back designs are available to meet your design requirements, specifications or space limitations. The Shedrow barn can encompass all of your needs. Why settle for less when you can have the strength of steel that is integrated in all FCP horse barn designs? FCP offers countless design flexibility, exterior and interior wall and color choices and a broad selection of options. Cantilever and posted overhangs, 3/12 to 6/12 roof pitch, rear and side porch options are a few of the many choices you can make when designing your FCP Shedrow barn.

Adding a complimentary building to your horse barn can enhance your property. FCP can design and build hay storage buildings, metal buildings, garages, or RV covers to complete all your needs.


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