Maximize Space with Quick Loft™

Looking for more storage space? Look up! Think vertical: A barn with a loft can effectively maximize the space you already have.

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If you have ever looked around for where to store your show gear or tripped over that large tack trunk in the aisle, you know that space really is a precious commodity.

Clutter in your barn due to lack of adequate storage space is unsightly and creates an unsafe environment for you and your horses.

Modern solution, traditional barn loft concept

In the olden days, most barns had loft areas. Lofts were a practical way to obtain large amounts of storage for minimal cost. Well, the concept is no different today. Although the construction of today’s barn is different in that most consumers prefer the strength, durability, and value of a modular steel solid-wall barn, the need for a loft still exists. Fortunately, now you can also have a cost effective loft in your modern barn.

FCP’s newest innovation, Quick Loft™, is a cost-effective loft that creates inexpensive space by using the air ABOVE your center aisle for storage. Not everyone can increase the footprint of their barn because of space or setback limitations. If you have always wanted to add a barn loft but did not know how, FCP has the solution. Quick Loft™ allows you to organize the items up and out of the way.

Easy, modular installation

Quick Loft™ can be included in your new FCP barn or added to most current solid-wall barns. Available in a kit, it is easy to install. Quick Loft is simple to assemble and mounts to the top of the stall fronts in your barn.

Quick Loft™ is built from the same quality materials and sturdy design used in all FCP barns. It is strong, rigid, and can be used to store up to 100 lbs per square foot.

FCP currently has Quick Loft™ available for 12 ft. and 16 ft. aisle widths and in 4 ft. deep section increments. This allows you to add as little or as much loft space as you need. The base Quick Loft™ kit can build a 12’ or 16’ x 4’ loft. Add-on kits can add 4’ of loft space at a time – up to hundreds of cubic feet of storage space.

A barn loft is a quick way to new storage space

Increased space in your barn is as easy as FCP’s Quick Loft™. You may be amazed at how much more organized your barn is and how comfortable you and your horses are when you have additional space thanks to Quick Loft™.

To learn more about FCP’s Quick Loft™, call an FCP Design Consultant at 1-800-807-2276 or request a quote.

Download the original article as a PDF